Much Ado About…

               So the civilized world is on ‘lockdown’ now, due to the panic over the ‘novel Coronavirus’…

               Except that the latest Coronavirus isn’t novel; this is COVD-19, the nineteenth version of a flu bug that’s been around forever. This also isn’t the first mass contagion in recent memory. SARS (Sudden Arrested Respiratory Syndrome) broke out in 2009 and 2012, and a wicked swine flu epidemic busted loose in 2010.

               The difference is, the ‘mainstream’ media voluntarily ‘blacked out’ those events to protect the American President Barack Obama. They’re blowing up the latest outbreak to crash the American economy in the hopes of taking out President Trump… ‘cuz let’s face it, nothing makes for great campaign rhetoric like ‘This president made everybody poor! Vote for ME instead!’ (Except maybe in the case of Senile Joe Biden, whose campaign slogan will be something like ‘The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round…’)

               This didn’t have to happen. Yes, it’s a nasty flu bug but it’s still just a flu bug. The media-induced panic, however, will probably cause a repeat of 2008: The year in which the American middle class lost a whopping forty percent of its net wealth. Wealthy elites have recovered from the crash of 2008, but the middle class never has.

               I’m trying to keep my chin up, but it’s hard because I remember the terror of 2008. The media may be full of ‘fake news’ but the panic they induce is very, very real. It also has very real consequences.

               Stuff happens. People suffer. And Christians suffer right along with everyone else, because we are still part of a cursed world. But we have this comfort: Sometimes God calms the storm, and something He calms His child… but He will always do one or the other!

               That, I think, was why the Apostle Paul called our earthly troubles ‘light and momentary’.

               That having been said… screw the American press!!!

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