Regarding Elections and Social Unrest…

London is burning (or at least it was, as of December 14th, 2019).

Boris Johnson crushed Jeremy Corbyn in the English prime minister election, and apparently quite a few Brits were furious over his landslide win. So Antifa wound up running completely amok (again), protestors started damaging property (again), and people got arrested. (Come to think of it, it kinda looked like America’s 2017 Presidential Inauguration over there…)

I’ve backed off writing about politics a bit, at least in the sense of endorsing a candidate or commenting on the day-to-day workings of government. I prefer to write from a more general, historic perspective (as did Lysander Spooner, John Locke, and Alexis de Tocqueville).

Regardless of where one’s English sympathies lie – with the Conservative Johnson or the Socialist Corbyn – the pseudo-anarchy in London should concern everyone in the Western World. Why? Because the key to societal stability is the peaceful transfer of power. Resorting to violence because one’s preferred candidate lost an election is barbaric; that very behavior is what makes many African countries such terrible places. (The last person I baptized is from South Sudan, and he says some of the tribes go ‘Machetes-R-Us’ every single election. That’s damn near enough to make a guy wish for a dictator, I should think.)

Frankly, I don’t understand the sense of entitlement. I voted in my first presidential election when I was eighteen, and ‘my guy’ lost. I felt no compulsion whatsoever to set something on fire, break into a store, or beat someone up. I played by the rules because that’s what civilized people do. My preferred candidate wasn’t ‘owed’ a win, nor were his constituents ‘entitled’ to anything… and we didn’t act as though we were.

But apparently, a lot of folks today don’t see elections that way. They’re quickly losing their ability to gracefully accept defeat, and that doesn’t bode well in any ‘republic’.

If we follow this trend of post-election violence through to its logical conclusion, we will eventually hit a place in which we have only one option: To accept rule by a despot. Any government is better than no government at all, and if a society is so restless that only a tyrant is strong enough to control it… guess what? And the truth is, in such a case we’d deserve to be ruled with an iron fist. It’d be a terrible irony that America won two world wars only to fall to a bunch of fringe activists.

It’s not all bad, though. I think it’s very interesting that England has finally figured out the same truth about politics that their American cousins have. To wit: It’s not about ‘Liberal versus Conservative’, or ‘Republican versus Democrat’ anymore…

It’s about ‘Nationalism versus Globalism’.

Nationalism is a simple concept: It’s about putting the needs of one’s own people above the needs of other countries.

Globalism is about destroying national borders for the purpose of exploiting cheap labor. This results in crime and unemployment at home (as poorly-vetted, cheap workers are brought in to compete with natives for jobs), and endless wars abroad (as militaries are deployed to seize natural resources held by weaker nations).  Globalism erodes the middle class until no one is left except the dirt poor and a tiny handful of wealthy elites.

For an interesting study on this phenomenon, see also ‘San Francisco’. The uber-wealthy tech moguls have driven up real-estate prices while their cheap, imported workers have taken virtually all of the mid-level tech jobs coveted by American college graduates. (For every four Americans who graduate with a tech degree, one H1-B Visa Worker is imported to compete with them. This statistic doesn’t even begin to address the impact of corporate outsourcing.) The result of all this is a once-thriving city now overrun by one of the developed world’s largest homeless populations. San Francisco is the epitome of Globalism Gone Wild, and the American – as well as the English – people are finally beginning to figure this concept out.

Combine the devastating effects of Globalism with the growing societal tendency to engage in mob violence, and suddenly the Western World has a very big problem on its hands!

So how many Boris Johnsons will it take to actually fix this?

Only time will tell…

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